Motivation Goal Setting – How to engage the team

Feb 25, 2019

In the last few months, I have been working to support several clients and organisations, through speaking and training, to set motivational goals.

Often businesses, will set their staffs goals, KPIs either with them or for them, with the hook or perceived motivator of “If you hit these goals there’s a bonus.” Or “There’s an increase,” or there’s something at the end of it for you.

All too often the conversation then turns to… “And they (the staff) don’t seem to be very engaged.”

The other side of this is when people are business planning that they make their goals a little bit too easy. So, if we make it achievable and people achieve with ease then that’ll give a better reward. Actually, what this can do is disengage staff or there’s a bit of boredom because it is too easy. So, then we are looking at the Goldilocks Principles – goals that are just right. If you remember the story of Goldilocks it was about it being just right.

The other thing that springs to mind when I’m talking to people and they’re setting those goals with ideas of bonuses at the end is there is no ownership from the individual, they’re not including the team or the person that is going to be performing against that goal.

So, if we invite the team in and we invite the individual to write the goal with you, you’re leading them, you’re guiding them, you know the business picture and what you need the individuals and teams to do to meet the business picture.

Enable the people to write their own goals, own their goals, and enable them to be within the parameters of their skillset and starting to push and develop them, their performance will be engaged. They will be motivated, and all your goals will be met.

So motivational goal setting owned by the individual for the benefit of the business is what you’re looking to do.


So, let me leave you with a couple of thoughts:

  • Aim to involve your teams with their goal setting
  • Begin to think of the goals as outcomes this in turn will support knowing when they have been met and achieved.


If you are looking to engage your team to develop and meet goals, then let’s have a chat as we can offer Training and Coaching to support you and the business to build on performance.