Performance Coaching

Teams underperforming, staff off with stress, business owners overwhelmed with knowing how to manage their business, conflict at work.

Our high performance coaching helps business owners, senior managers and leaders to manage themselves and respond to pressure and stress, to maximise performance.

Sessions focus on performing under pressure, centred on the premise that how we react to events and situations is largely determined by our emotional response and view of it, not the actual event. We focus with you to develop your resilience through dealing with the root cause of behaviour which compromises our performance and wellbeing.

Our sessions are high impact, time limited, solution focused, effective and always keep the business need in mind.

The support of Vicky as a coach to me as a business professional has proved invaluable. As a busy woman, I find it very helpful to take time out of my hectic schedule to reflect back issues within both my professional and personal environments. This, I believe leads me to becoming more responsible for my personal development, my business leadership and management and not to ignore my social responsibilities for the greater world we live in.


Director, Investment Quorum

I was very defensive at first… I can now see things in a different light and am much less hot-headed, which makes me a more effective Manager. Having more control in responses to situations and being more emotionally controlled means I can find a different way of sending a message that will be better received and acted on.

Vicky’s Coaching methods have helped my overall confidence and the learning will be used long term, in all my future roles; in fact, I am even thinking about doing some other self-improvement courses as well. I feel 100 times better now and am making decisions that I can look forward to in my work life and lifestyle changes that will benefit my home life, and that is a double bonus!


Engineering Director

I have really enjoyed working with the Jaguar Academy… I get an opportunity to develop myself through the support structure for the mentors. I have really enjoyed the sessions with Vicky, working both one-to-one with her to unpick my strengths as a mentor, and also in group sessions where I learnt new models that I might want to apply in my sessions, as well as learning from the experiences of the other mentors.

Sarah Winkless

Olympic Gold Medallist, Jaguar Academy of Sport

Working with Vicky has helped build my confidence in dealing with tricky situations that arise within the team. It has also given me skills and techniques to enhance the team’s performance and taught me to trust my intuition.


Director, HC Wealth Management

Coaching has been incredible. Vicky was there at an incredibly important time for the business. Vicky’s coaching enabled me to discuss matters on an adult basis, control my emotions and be clear about the outcome I felt would be fair for the business. Without her support I don’t think I’d have got there – Thank you!


MD, The Red House

In summary we…

Identify where you want to be

Solution Focused Coaching Intervention

Move you beyond your existing and past experiences

Build your resilience

Raising your self-awareness

Sustainable change through action