As we get back to work after a weekend, the most popular question you will hear will be “how are you?”

Be honest, how often have you answered that question with “I’m fine” when inside you are anything but fine?

You are not alone, it is the answer we expect people to want to hear and resist the temptation to seek help.  Do people really want to hear “well actually I am not good??? Truthfully, we are not allowing others to help – how can they if they are not aware of how we are feeling.


Image result for our wholeness actually depends on the integration of all of our experiences including the falls.” brene brown


With mental health and wellbeing being a hot topic right now in the media, we thought we would take this opportunity to see how you deal with your emotions and resilience?  Do you ask for help or is it something you internalize?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

Do you notice responses from others?

We are so busy in our lives, how can we expect someone else to spot we are unhappy if we cannot spot the signs in others, or indeed ourselves!

Here is a little challenge for you – as you go through the day, take 5 minutes to consider your own emotions and then take another 5 minutes to see (how those emotions are playing out in how you are behaving). What difference does this make?