What we do

Yes we do coaching, yes we do training, yes we do mentoring. That’s what we do – they are just the tools of the trade.

Here’s what we really do and how we do it


“I had no idea where the conversations and sessions were going to take me, I had no defined outcome or goal. I just knew that I didn’t feel right in myself.

I was completely blind to the actual cause being me and my way of processing things. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and looking back on it now I completely stumbled into the first steps of this fantastic journey and I can’t explain how pleased I am to have started this.

I guess sometimes a great starting point is knowing where you don’t want to be, at that point then directions you take are open and fluid.”

Each of us is different, and the most useful thing we can do rarely fits into a box…


To capture in headline terms what it can look like and be like. We work one to one, with small groups or with entire company structures to help them embrace the realities of their individual situations, challenges and pressures and then create support and tools that deliver direction and confidence in your ability to handle those challenges.

Performance Coaching

Our focus is supporting individuals to the perform under pressure and move forward. Solution focused, needs leading to results.


Through talking you can gain support for a wide range of mental health issues.


Specialised training in resilience, behavioural management and psychological health.


We offer high impact, high energy talks for events, & conferences.

Challenges are always different and quite often they stem from the same starting point. Things like…

Self belief: The confidence to know you have the skills to handle the challenges and take action

Resilience: a realisation that you are not automatically equipped to deal with everything, it can be nurtured and you can bounce back

Develop your confidence: You will be positive in action, conversation and image and You will be willing to take risks and see opportunities

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to react to what is actually going on in a conscious way to enable you to make better decisions

Manage work under pressure: Your ability to deliver the results you need, regardless of what is going on around you

Communication: You can build great relationships and manage differences

How these kind of issues manifest themselves are often very individual. See if any of the below sound familiar…

I just don’t feel right

I will just end up doing everything myself because it’s easier and I don’t trust others to do it right

I want to be able to speak to my staff but it comes out wrong and they just frustrate me

There are not enough hours in the day – I’m just not getting enough of the right stuff done

I seem to offend people, clients and colleagues but I am not sure why

I’m not confident when I stand up to present - I know what I want to say – right up until I stand up to say it

I have no idea how to get the best from my team and I how I can help them

If so we need to chat, I have helped leaders in some of the UK’s biggest and best known companies to deliver more and crucially feel better, more confident and more in command and if the above rings any bells then I might be able to help you too.