Delphinus tmc were approached by IMS to provide support through coaching for a small team of Team Leaders within the organisation. Delphinus worked closely with the IMS Management Team to learn the organisation culture, values and ideals to ensure any coaching and support was in keeping with the organisation ethos. The brief for Delphinus tmc was to engage the Team, enhance performance and deliver the necessary skills required to apply and embed them into their everyday requirements. The success of the coaching supported the growth of the team leaders, building their confidence in their roles, managing their behaviours to lead their teams’ and increasing their performance as leaders.

“Vicky helped me with new phrases and focused on making small changes to make a big difference. In summary I was very happy with the outcome of my sessions and they helped to develop me in my role.

The coaching was very helpful and has helped me progress with my confidence a lot as my confidence was low and I am gradually getting more confident with practice from the skills developed through the coaching.”