Authentica – Membership Terms & Guidelines

The following document provides information for membership terms and guidelines of Authentica.

Coaching Group Venue: Bawdon Lodge Farm, Nanpantan, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 9YE


  • Authentica Membership is annual
  • Authentica membership includes:
    • Monthly Coaching Group: dates in App 1
    • Ongoing phone/email support
    • Group chat
    • Monthly resource
    • Discount on training from Delphinus tmc


Membership Cancellation:

  • In the event of cancelling membership, a months’ notice is required in writing either via email or letter
  • Date of cancellation will be one month from the date written notice is received
  • If membership has been paid in full, a refund will be given pro-rata from a month after the cancellation date
  • Monthly payments will be cancelled from a month after the date of cancellation
  • Membership cannot be transferred to another person within your organisation


Membership Fees and Prices:

  • Annual membership fee is £548
  • Membership can be paid as one off at the beginning of each year
  • Membership can be paid monthly and will be a fee of £48 per month
  • Monthly fees are due on or around the 1st of each month: failure to pay for more than one month may result in cancellation of membership.
  • Delphinus tmc will provide members with a renewal notice when their 12 month membership is coming to an end. This notice will be provided approximately one month prior to the membership expiry date. If the member wishes to continue their membership fees must be paid by the renewal date. If membership fees are not received within 14 days of the membership expiry date, the membership will be terminated
  • Prices will be reviewed annually and any increase will be shared with at least one months’ notice


Personal Information

  • We will use the personal information you provide to us to:
    • provide your membership services
    • process your membership payment
    • inform you about relevant products or services from Delphinus tmc through email or phone
  • We will not give your personal data to any third party and you will only receive communications directly from Delphinus tmc with your permission.
  • Members consent Delphinus tmc representatives taking photographic images during events/sessions. These images remain the property of Delphinus tmc and may be used in local printed media, social media or on the Delphinus tmc website without further permissions being sought.


Coaching Group Sessions:

  • It expected that all members will have 100% attendance at the coaching group sessions
  • Members agree through these terms to participate in each session to the best of their ability
  • Late arrivals: It is expected that the session will begin at the agreed time. If late, the session will run to the scheduled time. If you are unavoidably detained on your way to a session, please leave a message on 07786 936625.
  • Contact between sessions will be limited to email or telephone unless otherwise agreed
  • Recording of sessions: It is standard practice to record sessions from time to time and to use anonymous material for supervision, continuing professional development and research. All recorded material is treated with confidentiality and respect.



Confidentiality is paramount and will be maintained in all apart from exceptional circumstances, which include:

  • Legal action (criminal or civil court cases where a court order is made demanding disclosure, including coroners’ courts)
  • Child abuse/abuse and where there is good cause to believe that not to disclose would cause danger or serious harm to others.
  • Where in my professional opinion there are reasonable grounds to believe that there is a risk of serious harm to the client. In this instance you will be consulted about action taken
  • Most standards of confidentiality applied in professional contexts are based on the Common Law concept of confidentiality where the duty to keep confidence is measured against the concept of “greater good”.
  • The sharing of anonymous case histories with supervisors and peer support groups is not a breach of professional confidentiality. The sharing of open case histories with supervisors and any referring NHS medical practitioner is also not a breach.


Miscellaneous Terms

  • Members may promote their social media posts using the hashtag #authentica2018 Social media posts carrying this hashtag will be shared and retweeted as appropriate. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the relevant hashtag is applied.
  • Members must be over 25 years old


Code of ethics and complaints procedure: These are available to you on request, without question.