So how has your summer been? 

You may remember we sent you our thoughts on summer essentials…what to pack and what to leave behind!  How did you get on with your packing and what did you manage to leave behind?

Holiday Reflection
Have you managed to recharge and re-energise.  It’s an interesting process going on holiday with high expectation and emotional roller coaster, stressful before we even depart! Listening to some clients leading up to their holiday, their concerns seemed to be taking away from the purpose and enjoyment of actually going away.  So what were your observations and highlights?

Our invitation to you….please review and share your favourite book/programme/pod cast or game and of course any highlights and reflections.

Book Review
I was excited to be able to read the second book of three by David Michie – The Art of Purring, the follow on from The Dalai Lamas Cat, and I was not disappointed.  What makes you purr?  The challenge set by the Dalai Lama to his beloved cat, the book takes us on a journey to discover the answer.  It provides a formula for happiness, which on reading made a lot of sense!  It is written beautifully through the eyes of the Dalai Lama’s cat, who provides insightful, humorous and gentle observations on challenges faced and situations she finds herself in.  The conclusion is great and finding the answer leaves the reader with knowledgeable contentment of knowing what makes them purr and how to find peace, connection and balance.  I’m looking forward to reading the third and final book in the series – The Power of Meow.

My favourite quote that resonated with me was:

“what I don’t get…..there doesn’t seem to be a formula for happiness……..there is an equation….like most formulas it needs some explaining…..The formula is H equals S plus C plus V….happiness equals what’s called your biological set point, or S, plus the conditions of your life, C, plus V your voluntary activities. When you take the happiness formula overall, you can see that while there are certain things that can’t be changed, there are others that can.  The key focus should be on things you can change that will have a positive impact in your feeling of well-being”

The Art of Purring, David Michie

Pod cast
As an 80 ‘s girl through and through I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Sarah Cox’s 80’s pod casts…although my singing was not appreciated by all – I still had fun!!  Highlight listening to the 12inch of Duran Duran Rio!!

Favourite Games
We are avid card players in our clan… our daily games provided much hilarity, concentration and on occasion heated and fierce competition.  We have successfully taught the younger members of the clan whist and rummy so we are now out of the woods on playing snap!!

Reflections and observations
No phones, no wifi, no emails……delightful….one hundred percent time for self and the clan.  The result, rested, re-energised, recharged and ready.
Laughter, fun and imagination were the highlights of our holiday.  Listening to the younger clan members play their adventure games in the pool which took us from being marooned on an African island to being dolphins on a fantasy island allowed a perspective of life to land into our busy and hectic worlds as adults.  Eating too much ice cream and enjoying meals together with lots of chatter and sharing of stories and challenging questions such as, “how did we get here on the planet?” and “did God really make us?”….

It was interesting to observe families out and about…I still am surprised at how many people are on their phone/iPods/gadgets when sitting down to eat together – forgetting how to communicate and connect with each other…or sitting and relaxing in the sun, how many people seem to have forgotten how play.

One thing we did each day was share what we were grateful for, with no repetition.  Give it a go for 14 days and see how you get on!!

We would love to hear about your adventures over the holidays and any reflections or changes you have made?