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We spend hours, weeks and years building and honing our skills and abilities to enable us to perform in our roles.   Perfect….training, CPD, away days, building experience and CV…..and then one of our behaviours we’d rather was not around pounces and inhibits our ability to perform……procrastination, indecision….

All of us whatever our role have tasks, jobs, actions which we put off or get round to….or even deny and bury.

“Procrastination is attitudes natural assign. There is nothing so fatiguing than uncompleted tasks” – William James

What if you decided to seize the moment and complete that task…imagine the impact on your energy, attitude and motivation….do that job first and notice the difference it makes.

We all, have a choice on our behaviours and can choose to enable ourselves to be our best and perform in our daily lives.

So here’s the invitation…for the next 10 working days grab a highlighter and highlight the ‘round to it’ jobs, chose to actions those jobs, go for it … Notice the impact the choice to action has on you and your day!

I’ll join you and today I am going to do my filling!


Vicky Bailey

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