As you think there is no further to reach out of your comfort zone….then it happens! Yes I have been cajoled further outside of my secure sanctuary…the journey continues!

Shoes…so I’ve now experienced makeup, “modelling,” loosing all of my signature comforts and now shoes!


Shoe - Delphinus tmc


With the Niche Magazine Business awards less than a week away I embarked with a close friend on the ever loaded question…what do I wear?  Which as you can imagine is now even more loaded with my own expectations of make up and appearance!  The dress surprisingly enough was easy…the shoes on the other hand have proved …well… a shock.  I do not do heals well and I really do not do healed shoes well…give me a pair of boots or flip-flops and I am happy!So off I go shopping….and what a lovely experience it turned out to be.  I have to say a massive thank you to Bharti at John Lewis High Cross who demonstrated fantastic customer service, patience and sense of realism and fun. She joyfully embarked on a mission to meet my criteria…not too high, comfortable, classic, and a bit of bling!! Mmmmm.


I have to confess there were several pairs of shoes presented which never quite made it out of the box…several which once on my feet never managed to move on the spot for fear of me falling from a great height and several which my main question was why?!?! And some which caused such hilarity and pain at the same time were swiftly returned to their box!On seeing my now fabulous purchase…my first reaction was they look painful…with gently nudge in the right direction I tried them on… my surprise they did not hurt! Then the acid test….movement…result I could walk in them (dancing maybe a step too far!). Strike while the iron on is hot…yes please!In a bid to meet my need, Bharti then introduced me to some glitzy slip on ballet shoes which apparently you put in your handbag for when your feet have given up!  Genius!On securing my new shoes (and glitzy slippers) with the added bonus of a reduction in the sale, I left with a spring in my step!So now the real test…my friends thoughts and my girls! I’m not sure jeans and the shoes are look I wanted!  That aside, nervous giggles,  great surprise, shock and then seals of approval flowed.  So why am I soooo nervous still….well it’s a first for me to own such a pair of shoes and the real result will be stepping out in full glitzy dress and shoes and enjoying the James Bond themed evening of the Niche Magazine Business Awards!


Deep breathes …lots of positive thinking and dare I say secretly enjoying this renewed feeling of feminine fabulousness!!!  I will keep you updated on the journey of the shoes as they make their debut this Friday eve at the Niche Business Awards!!