Healthy Mind – 7 A Day Essentials

As we are aware of how to compose a healthy diet, for our wellbeing it is as vital to know how to look after the health of our mind.

Based on the work of Dan Seigal and David Rock, “mental wellness is all about reinforcing our connections with others and the world around us: and it is also about strengthening the ….brain itself.”

This session supports you to identify the key ingredients to optimizing your mental health and wellbeing.

The training will summarize the science; increase your awareness on how to create a healthy mind through 7 essentials. A healthy mind will lead to an increased ability to respond to our daily lives at work and at play. It will provide your mind with a greater ability to co-ordinate and balance its activities and create your mental wellbeing.

Additional professional development:

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Healthy Mind – a 7 a day essential
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