Delphinus tmc offers specialised training in emotional intelligence, resilience, psycho education, behavioural management and psychological health.

Our skill is working with the key business stakeholders to make sure each programme of training meets the unique requirements of the business and their goals.  We are skilled in interpreting and demystifying mental health and emotional wellbeing into interactive and practical training to evoke sustained changes in those who attend.

Our training is designed for 15 to 20 delegates and can run as half day, full day or two-hour workshops.

Our Offer: 

Peak Performance & Resilience - Delphinus tmcCommunication & Connection - Delphinus tmcThe Art of Being You - Delphinus tmc

The Stories We Tell Ourselves - Delphinus tmc Healthy Mind - 7 a Day Essentials - Delphinus tmc










Client Feedback:

Loughborough College

  • Excellent delivery and thought-provoking
  • Brilliant energetic insight
  • Good opportunity to share with colleagues
  • Explained the benefits of change in a positive way…superb content and delivery

Nottingham City Care Partnership

  • The content of the course was appropriate and there are aspects I can take immediately into practice
  • Very dynamic delivery of content, made it enjoyable
  • Great training, love your enthusiasm. You kept my attention fully, it greatly facilitated my learning