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Pancakes – an update

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Pancakes - Delphinus tmc

For those of you who responded to Pancakes – thank you.  I showed my daughter Katie and she was quite surprised and I think chuffed.

As you might imagine she continues to use her metaphor.  The other night whilst settling down to sleep she had not had a great couple of days.  She announced that her pancake had burnt, was black and fallen apart…oh and she had put it out with beer!! (what can I say!)  As we chatted I asked her what she’d like her pancake to be like.  Mmmmmm she looked me in the eye and said “light, fluffy, with Nutella, lemon and sugar.”

“So,” I said “what is stopping you creating that pancake and not burning it”

She looked me straight in the eye and said – “that feels better I can go to sleep thinking about my lovely pancake”

“You can!”  We were both settled and content.

Our Stories…

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

People often ask me what is my story and my typical response is we all have a story…thus not really answering the question! I choose to answer the question as I do because I believe it’s not about me.  I am passionate and fortunate to do the work I do and enjoy every second….it’s about you ….the people I work with, opening up your stories and your choices in how you want to be and lead your lives.
I do have a story and have in my lifetime faced significant challenges….some which even surprise me now.  I have and continue to work on myself and gain the support I want and need to enable me to make choices I want for how I now enjoy my life, my family and my business.

My current story is facing the terminal illness of a very close and dear friend.  A roller coaster of emotions, a bank of unspoken words and a short amount of time.  So some days are better than others, some days I want to hide, others I am up and running…I suppose the trick is to reflect on what I might say to a client….and ensure I choose what supports my friend firstly and then me!

What Do You Do?

Friday, June 24th, 2016

The most frequently asked question at Delphinus tmc is…what is it you actually do?

Our starting point – Choice….. we all have a choice
The daily scramble of life, the feeling there is not enough time, the constant and relentless list of things to do, places to be, people to see, challenges to face….the feelings we have and are not able to handle, the stories we tell ourselves to manage and cope.  All of this knocks us off balance, supports us to feel unwell or not quite OK and yet we choose to ignore this and carry on.

Our thoughts
Our over complication of our lives is compounded by our pride, our ego and our fear to seek what we need to support ourselves and choose to feel amazing and be the best version of ourselves.  We even over-complicate this by labeling everything and suggesting that there are many ways to redress the balance.  Mental health holds many myths and insights many fears and barriers…put simply our ability to love, play, work and connect to ourselves and others is health and wellbeing.

Many people know that their mental health and emotional wellbeing is integral to how they are, how they function and their overall health.  So what makes it so hard to ask for the support we need to achieve this?

In her recent article Paula Radcliffe highlights:

“you can work for years towards your goals and feel everything is working against you. The perceived injustice you feel can be soul-destroying and support is vital to get you through those times.
When you’re in the middle of a crisis, it can be hard to think rationally. ……No matter what your situation, you need to be strong to reach your full potential. It takes bravery to dig yourself out of a difficult situation and there shouldn’t be any stigma attached to asking for help.”

So what is it we actually do at Delphinus tmc?
We work with individuals to enable and support them to find and be the best version of themselves. We debunk mental health and emotional wellbeing myths and dare to go where many still do not.  This is managed through gentle, clear and knowledgeable processes of either therapy or coaching.

How do we do it?
We work through psychotherapy, coaching and psycho education.  We work with you to explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours in ways your friends and family may not be able to.  We work with you to support your whole wellbeing and balance enabling you to choose what and how you lead your life and make changes you might wish to make to step forward.

Through therapy in our clinic:  Dedicated time and space to alleviate stress, trauma, upset and life’s ongoing challenges.

Through coaching:  dedicated time and space to develop emotional intelligence and resilience, positive psychology and the how to manage your story and the stories you tell yourself.

How do I make the first step in finding the right help?
A call, email or text to us will feel brave and scary and also may lead you to find the support and help you need to take the next step forward to finding your health and balance.

Call us on 07786 936625 or email Our website is also a good source of further information on how Delphinus tmc can help you flourish –

Philip – A Coaching Journey of Discovery…

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Last year we shared a case study with you about Philip, who worked in Manufacturing & engineering and through one-to-one coaching turned around not only his company vision, it also changed his family too!  You can read his story here – Philip – A Case Study of Discovery

Well, Philip has been in touch to share how he is going on and we are delighted to hear that not only has he qualified for automatic entry for the London marathon for the next two years (but) .. he has undertaken the biggest change of all and changed careers to one that is going to help with his work-life balance and also provide him with the work challenges he aspired to.

Our Coaching sessions helped Philip assess what he wanted to do, what he wanted to achieve and to put a plan into place to enable him to make the changes when the time was right for him.  To hear that everything has fallen in to place and he is happy to be embarking on a new challenge in his life is a reward in itself!

We wish Philip every success for the future.

How To Recognise & Manage Stress In The Workplace…

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

We are delighted to have our article “How to Recognise & Manage Stress In The Workplace” published in the latest issue of the Credit Management Journal.

Ignoring stress can lead to serious health issues. Coaching is a practical solution that works with you to identify the issues and supports you to manage and deal with it. As soon as you realise that stress is having an effect in your workplace, the easier it can be to resolve …

Have a read here – How to Recognise & Manage Stress in the Workplace

How to Recogise & Manage Stress in the Workplace - Delphinus tmc

Are you ready for your World Cup – Tips you can learn from Your Sporting Hero’s

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

With the World Cup just around the corner, everyone is talking about who will score & who will win in Brazil.  Players across the World will have spent years working to be at the peak of their physical fitness ready for the tournament – and whilst everyone else is talking about fitness and skill, what about their emotional resilience and mind-set?

Positive Mental Attitude!

In order for you to be at your best you need to be in the right frame of mind.  Positive mental attitude is often banded about and it is so true.  You can have the best fitness to last the distance the right skills and abilities and if your head is not in the right place your performance will be jeopardised and not hit it’s peak.  This is where expert Coaches help to strip away the issue so you can take ownership and get your head in the game.

The England players will have worked hard with experienced Coaches and psychologists who are trained to get the best out of each and every player for the benefit of themselves and the team – you can too!

Another great example of Coaching in action is that of Andy Murray who try as he might could not get past the top three and despite having the physical fitness to compete could not get the mind-set right.  With the support of Ivan Lendl, who worked hard to strength the Scots emotional resilience on court and “mental toughness” he succeeded in winning Gold at the Olympics in 2012 and then winning at Wimbledon in 2013.

So, how can you be as strong as your sporting hero for yourself and your team at work?  Here are our 5 top tips:

  1. Accept that you are in charge of your own destiny
  2. Evaluate your emotional intelligence and resilience and well-being – what can be improved and what needs work
  3. Be positive – “I can do this” when responding to challenging situations
  4. Understand when to  ask for help – this shows awareness and strength
  5. Turn your thought processes around. Think solutions

Delphinus tmc have proven expertise working with elite athletes transitioning into retirement and wanted to still be at the top of their game.  Coaching & Mentoring proved successful and the skills used were then implemented to help business owners get the same level of empowerment from their teams to succeed in the business arena.

For further information on how Delphinus tmc can help your team win please contact Vicky Bailey on 01509 215872 or email

Hands Up! Take Responsibility & Be Master Of Your Own Destiny

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

The workplace is often a place of fight or flight which makes taking responsibility for our own personal behaviour very difficult, so read on because this month we have Ten Top Tips that could just change your life:

  • Are you a Manager who needs to monitor staff performance?
  • Are you honestly performing at the top of your game?
  • Have you ever blamed others for shortcomings in your own performance?


Is it the responsibility of your Employer to ensure that you are successful at doing the role they employed you to do? I think we all really know the answer to that one. It’s you that needs to be in the driving seat, and you, that needs to find ways to achieve it, including having a process for escalating problems which could lead to you missing a deadline.

Managing Performance:

The workplace is changing fast for every industry. New machines, new methods of communication, new products, and added to that are the new management methods of monitoring their employee performance.  Personal responsibility is the new revolution and has a very simple ethos, of bringing a positive attribute to your role, a ‘can-do’ attitude and this concept is making a real difference in the workplace and is becoming the new mantra of great leadership.

Great Leaders:

Those who are able to grasp the concept of personal responsibility succeed at managing their own performance  and also those whom they work with. Take  Larry Page of Google for example; a great leader who has been challenged and criticised many times over the years by Governments, and even whole Countries;  and in the midst of the storm, he has never let what others think sway him from pursuing the course for his company that he considers the best. Sometimes retracting a service,  yet always taking full responsibility for it and gaining the respect of not only his staff,  and pretty much the rest of the world as well.

Can I Do It Differently?

Why not take a step back and look at your own personal responsibility, reflect  and ask – what can I do differently?  Could I have handled that situation better?  Personal responsibility is all about choices; some will be good and some will  be less successful. To succeed, you can choose to be master of your own destiny.  As William Shakespeare said “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” So it’s clearly not a new idea.
How to Do It:

Taking responsibility for our own actions is not easy and comes with its own set of consequences that many people find difficult; a fear of losing their job, losing respect from their peers, or the removal of responsibility.  Taking responsibility is not about casting blame or finding fault, it is all about the choices you make to ensure you are fully engaged with achieving your own tasks and actions. When was the last time you analysed your own personal performance? Take 5 minutes today to analyse what you can keep doing well well and what you want  to change – be honest!

We Can Help!

At Delphinus tmc, we work with you to help you to identify what’s working and going well and any issues or areas for support with your personal performance; and can give you the tools and techniques you need, to take responsibility for the success and the problems and seek solutions for yourself. Have a look at our Ten Top Tips for improving personal responsibility:

Ten Top Tips for Improving Personal Responsibility:

  1. Accept that you are responsible for your actions and behaviour when making decisions at work
  2. Regularly evaluate how you handle situations and notice if you can change anything for greater success
  3. Remember, it is not a blame game
  4. Choose how you are perceived by others – are you a leader or a follower
  5. Be positive – “I can do this” when responding to challenging situations
  6. Understand when to  ask for help
  7. Understand what is expected of you and attain  to achieve it
  8. Turn your thought processes around. Think solutions
  9. Keep calm, trust yourself and take responsibility for your decisions

10.  Be flexible, be willing to alter your working practices as tasks change


Be a master of your own game, take responsibility for your own actions and then just watch your performance rise!

For further information on how Delphinus tmc can help and support your business to grow,develop and perform , please contact Vicky Bailey on 01509 215872 or email

No Coaching Please… We’re British!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Have you ever wondered just what Coaching is all about and why some businesses use it for their key Staff?

Delphinus TMC Coaching

The Difference:

Coaching is known as ‘the difference that makes the difference.’ So how exactly does it work, and how can you make sure that it’s going to work for you? Managing a business is no easy task these days, you are under a constant pressure to maximise your resources – especially during a recession – where you need to make more profit out of less turnover; and at the same time being able to adapt in a constant process of change management. Yet just think for a minute. When did you last stop and take some time out for yourself?

The Advantage:

You and your team are the most valuable asset in your business, and just as you have an on-going maintenance programme for your building, and a servicing programme for your vehicles; you are missing a major component if there is no development and improvement programme for you and your staff.  Who knows where your business could be in twelve months’ time if every one of your ‘players’ improves his or her game!


The long established process of seeking to improve, bettering yourself through growth and change, is the basis of self-development; reaching new heights of personal fulfilment and emotional contentment. This is the precept that ‘Coaching’ is built upon, and it is certainly not a new concept; or trend, it is an evolution of great thinkers, who have led many different ‘trains’ of thought. De Bono, Freud, Darwin, Sartre, Jung and many others.


Understanding this critical relationship with Coaching is key to maximising performance and mastering our ability to flourish.  So the benefit to you and your team to proactively engage in Coaching will maximise performance and reach true individual potential in business and personal life.  Fundamentally Coaching is about the management of change and the enhancement and fine tuning of our behaviours and therefore our abilities.

Work developed by Gilligan and Dilts (2009) and Gallway (2000), sets that out: “Effective coaching involves balanced consideration and exploration of both the outer and inner game”. The ‘outer game’ referring to the skills, rules, behaviours and environmental aspects of your arena to achieve goals and tasks.

The ‘Inner game’ refers to your emotional and mindset i.e. your ability to manage pressure, stress, challenges, low confidence. Therefore to reach excellence and the highest level of performance requires us to explore mastering both the inner and outer game.


The pursuit of excellence for sports men and women relies upon the right coach and support team.  Working with athletes to reach and maintain their maximum performance involves amongst other things investment of time, commitment, practice and clear goals shared by the coach and athlete.  It relies upon the development and maintenance of a solid, consistent and trusting relationship between coach and athlete.  The Coaches role is also to develop the athlete’s ability to make the right choices in each situation both as an individual and within a team setting.  Drawing on the parallel of coaching in sport, developing you and your team to reach and maintain excellence and high performance will involve investment of time and resource, enthusiasm to learn and develop self and master, the inner and outer game i.e.  skills abilities and knowledge of the work environment and its nuances, underpinned by the support and skill of an effective coach.

Game, Set and….

Check back next month for the next in our series of articles to help you achieve more in your business. We will be looking at different ways of dealing with Stress, and giving you lots of ideas about how to manage a better work – life balance.

If you have any specific subject areas you would like us to cover, or you would like more information please contact us: Vicky Bailey on 01509 215872 or email

Investment Quorum Case Study

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

After hearing Vicky Bailey of Delphinus tmc speak at the IFP Annual Conference in 2013, the Directors of London based Investment Quorum approached Vicky to develop and deliver their needs through coaching.

An initial meeting between Investment Quorum scoped the requirements of the coachee, identifying the specific areas of need, the context and company culture and the level of coaching required.

Vicky meets regularly with the coachee in London supporting the growth of:

• Motivation
• Aspirations
• Responsibility
• Confidence
• Self Esteem
• Staff empowerment and leadership

Delphinus tmc take pride in their ability to focus on the needs of the individual and empower and facilitate them to be responsible for their own development. Goals are set so that the level of coaching can be monitored and assessed at all times by both the coachee and the Client.

Vicky Bailey said “At Delphinus tmc we are committed to working closely with coaching clients to help them develop their own personal skills through the use of strategies and techniques which they can use in practice day to day. This in turn helps them to enhance their working performance and achieve results. Our current work with the Investment Quorum is and evolving journey of discovery and witnessing landmarks of success and seeing and individual flourish is the most rewarding feedback!”.

Quote from Investment Quorum:

“The support of a coach to me as a business professional has proved invaluable. As a busy woman, I find it very helpful to take time out of my hectic schedule to reflect back on issues within both my personal and professional environments. This, I believe leads me to becoming more responsible for my personal development, my business leadership and management and not to ignore my social responsibilities for the greater world that we live in”.

If you would like further information on how Coaching could be of benefit to your company please contact Vicky Bailey at Delphinus tmc on 01509 215872.