Our Stories…

People often ask me what is my story and my typical response is we all have a story…thus not really answering the question! I choose to answer the question as I do because I believe it’s not about me.  I am passionate and fortunate to do the work I do and enjoy every second….it’s about you ….the people I work with, opening up your stories and your choices in how you want to be and lead your lives.
I do have a story and have in my lifetime faced significant challenges….some which even surprise me now.  I have and continue to work on myself and gain the support I want and need to enable me to make choices I want for how I now enjoy my life, my family and my business.

My current story is facing the terminal illness of a very close and dear friend.  A roller coaster of emotions, a bank of unspoken words and a short amount of time.  So some days are better than others, some days I want to hide, others I am up and running…I suppose the trick is to reflect on what I might say to a client….and ensure I choose what supports my friend firstly and then me!


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