Summer Essentials for Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing

Delphinus tmc - Summer Essentials for Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing

Summer Essentials for Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing – as the warm weather starts to poke it’s head out through the rain and grey clouds, our attention starts to drift towards planning our holiday adventures.  We spend so much time planning for every eventuality where holidays are concerned, the one area we fail to plan for is our own emotional resilience and well being.

Holidays are the perfect time to take stock and unwind and recharge our batteries so we thought we would take the opportunity with this newsletter to share our top tips for summer essentials to help us plan for our emotional bounce-back.

MUST’S for your Suitcase:

Top Summer Read:


The Gift of Inspiration by Brene Brown – Let go of who you are supposed to be and embrace who you are.  Brene Brown never fails to awaken our thought processes and this book offers a wealth of insights that allow us to take the opportunity to be ourselves – brilliantly.  Make time to read a little every day – gift yourself time to have a little “you” time.



Top Pod casts:
Pick your favourite desert-island disks, download and enjoy!

Top Playlist:

Music is a very personal choice and type of music you listen to and the songs you play can have a real impact on your mood and feelings.Here are some of our top summer tunes for a relaxing & refreshing summer holiday:

Pharrell Williams – Happy
Katrina & the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
U2 – Beautiful Day
Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling
Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky
Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Marvin Gaye – What’s going on
King Kurtis – Memphis Soul Stew
Ariana Grande – Focus
Jessie J – Bang Bang
Black Eye Peas – I’ve Got a Feeling
The Lotus Eaters – First Picture of You

We would love to hear your playlist of songs that make you happy and relaxed – please email your choices to

Playing Cards / Games

We have allowed ourselves to build up such busy lives so taking time out to play boardgames or card games gives you the time you need to allow your head to clear and your body to relax.  What games will you play?


Knowledge of local surroundings

We all like to plan and there is nothing better than having local knowledge of your new surrounding and sights to see such as the perfect white beach or historical landmark.  Planning ahead will give you something to look forward although be careful not to plan for every second – be flexible and be prepared to explore!

AVOID packing

(your suitcase is now over-weight so these items can definitely be left at home)

Work Emails

We no longer work 9-5 with computers, tablets and mobile phones allowing us to connect to our offices 24-7.  It is so easy to take work with you on holiday especially if you work for yourself.  STOP –  the whole essence of a holiday is that you take the time to unwind and recharge your energy levels – something you cannot do if you are still engaging with emails.

One tip we can offer is to make sure you communicate clearly with work / clients that you are going to be away and set an out of office – good communication allows you to relax!


Smart Phones / Tablets

Today we live our lives glued to our mobile phones – especially now with the launch of the new Pokemon Go app.  Do we really need to be beholden to smart phones – especially on holiday?  The simple answer is NO – remove all the temptation so cut the ties with daily life.  See the world through clearer eyes.



Work Based Reading

It is so easy to take technical reading on holiday as we convince ourselves that we will have the time to relax when in reality it just keeps us tied to work and the sooner we accept that we are not indispensable and the world is not going to end if we take our foot off the pedal for a week the better!

Remember this, recharging, re-energised & refocusing will allow you to be clearer, happier, more engaged and stress-free.

We hope you have found this checklist useful – we really would like to hear about your holiday essentials for emotional resilience and well being.


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