Procrastination the Killer of Time…

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

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We spend hours, weeks and years building and honing our skills and abilities to enable us to perform in our roles.   Perfect….training, CPD, away days, building experience and CV…..and then one of our behaviours we’d rather was not around pounces and inhibits our ability to perform……procrastination, indecision….

All of us whatever our role have tasks, jobs, actions which we put off or get round to….or even deny and bury.

“Procrastination is attitudes natural assign. There is nothing so fatiguing than uncompleted tasks” – William James

What if you decided to seize the moment and complete that task…imagine the impact on your energy, attitude and motivation….do that job first and notice the difference it makes.

We all, have a choice on our behaviours and can choose to enable ourselves to be our best and perform in our daily lives.

So here’s the invitation…for the next 10 working days grab a highlighter and highlight the ‘round to it’ jobs, chose to actions those jobs, go for it … Notice the impact the choice to action has on you and your day!

I’ll join you and today I am going to do my filling!


Vicky Bailey

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Out of my comfort zone – Part 2

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

As you think there is no further to reach out of your comfort zone….then it happens! Yes I have been cajoled further outside of my secure sanctuary…the journey continues!

Shoes…so I’ve now experienced makeup, “modelling,” loosing all of my signature comforts and now shoes!


Shoe - Delphinus tmc


With the Niche Magazine Business awards less than a week away I embarked with a close friend on the ever loaded question…what do I wear?  Which as you can imagine is now even more loaded with my own expectations of make up and appearance!  The dress surprisingly enough was easy…the shoes on the other hand have proved …well… a shock.  I do not do heals well and I really do not do healed shoes well…give me a pair of boots or flip-flops and I am happy!So off I go shopping….and what a lovely experience it turned out to be.  I have to say a massive thank you to Bharti at John Lewis High Cross who demonstrated fantastic customer service, patience and sense of realism and fun. She joyfully embarked on a mission to meet my criteria…not too high, comfortable, classic, and a bit of bling!! Mmmmm.


I have to confess there were several pairs of shoes presented which never quite made it out of the box…several which once on my feet never managed to move on the spot for fear of me falling from a great height and several which my main question was why?!?! And some which caused such hilarity and pain at the same time were swiftly returned to their box!On seeing my now fabulous purchase…my first reaction was they look painful…with gently nudge in the right direction I tried them on…..to my surprise they did not hurt! Then the acid test….movement…result I could walk in them (dancing maybe a step too far!). Strike while the iron on is hot…yes please!In a bid to meet my need, Bharti then introduced me to some glitzy slip on ballet shoes which apparently you put in your handbag for when your feet have given up!  Genius!On securing my new shoes (and glitzy slippers) with the added bonus of a reduction in the sale, I left with a spring in my step!So now the real test…my friends thoughts and my girls! I’m not sure jeans and the shoes are look I wanted!  That aside, nervous giggles,  great surprise, shock and then seals of approval flowed.  So why am I soooo nervous still….well it’s a first for me to own such a pair of shoes and the real result will be stepping out in full glitzy dress and shoes and enjoying the James Bond themed evening of the Niche Magazine Business Awards!


Deep breathes …lots of positive thinking and dare I say secretly enjoying this renewed feeling of feminine fabulousness!!!  I will keep you updated on the journey of the shoes as they make their debut this Friday eve at the Niche Business Awards!!

Midlife Crisis / Midlife Opportunities – hear us on the radio…

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

On Monday 13th July, Vicky Bailey appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham talking to Sarah Julian about midlife crisis signs and how you can turn it around into a midlife opportunity.  Listen to the full interview here

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BBC Radio Nottingham – Time Management Skills

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Delphinus tmc Radio Interview

Vicky Bailey recently joined Sarah Julian on BBC Radio Nottingham morning show to talk about Time Management and how we all have choices, especially at this busy period of the year.

Make a choce today to listen to the feature – Vicky Bailey joined Sarah Julian on BBC Radio Nottingham to talk about Time Management and how we all have choices, especially at this busy period of the year – Vicky Bailey, Delphinus tmc – BBC Radio Nottingham feature on Time Management

If you would like further advice on how Delphinus tmc can help you with your Time Management concerns, please call us on 01509 215872

Women into Leadership

Friday, December 13th, 2013

A new and innovative programme targeting Women into Leadership is being launched in 2014

Women into Leadership: Principles

  • A programme focusing on you; for you and about you
  • Exploring the business needs of your organisation and its expectations of you
  • Maximising and developing your natural talents
  • Improving your resilience and ability to manage yourself in challenging situations
  • Building on the latest thinking in leadership

For further information click on http://www.delphinustmc.co.uk/pdfs/women_into_leadership.pdf

Cathy – The Art of Being Brilliant!

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Delphinus TMC - Coaching, Mentoring & Training

After attending The Art of Being Brilliant sessions delivered by Vicky Bailey, Cathy was able take what she had learnt and put it straight into practise.  Cathy could see her demanding role was affecting all aspects of her work and home life.  Before the sessions, she did not know how to make the changes to benefit both her role and her home-life balance. The principles delivered as part of the training allowed Cathy to find solutions and gave her both the confidence and tools required to make the changes for herself.

Cathy’s Story:

Cathy has worked in the NHS for 21 years, heading up a large team working directly with schools.  This is a difficult and chaotic work arena that has to manage with minimum staffing levels, large caseloads and often unmanageable deadlines.

It was so stressful that Cathy was almost ill; she never had time to go on holiday, not wanting to abandon her client caseload.  Added to that she had a 21 year old daughter who was being treated for a 5 year anorexia problem.

Cathy’s life seemed to be on hold while she tried to solve other people’s difficulties.  Whilst attending a half day training course with her team; she heard about The Art of Being Brilliant and thought “Maybe this could help me.”

Delphinus TMC - Coaching, Mentoring & Training

The Changes:

We asked Cathy to tell us what changed for her, after attending the sessions:

“This course has helped me to change the way I do things” said Cathy;

“I really wanted to do something with my life but felt that it was slipping past and I couldn’t control it.  Before this course, I didn’t realise just how negative I had become.  Vicky as a trainer is so inspirational, that it made me think I ought to listen and actually give it a try.  It gave me the determination to change the way I usually react to things.

I had been trying to lose weight for years, and this course gave me the spur that made a difference to the outcome.  I took up running and actually entered a Race for Life Event, so I had to keep up with the training and make time for me.  I did lose the weight I had been trying to shift for years!”

Cathy went on; “Even my husband used to worry about how I would be after a difficult work meeting.  He is really pleased that now, instead of feeling responsible for solving the issues of my whole caseload; I understand that I can only do my part.  You can’t make someone change their lifestyle or bad habit, and that has been a huge realisation for me, not to blame myself for other people’s problems.

Changing your inbuilt default settings is not easy, but The Art of Being Brilliant has made me realise that there is another way to do things.”

Delphinus TMC - Coaching, Mentoring & Training

The Results:

We asked Cathy what The Art of Being Brilliant had changed for her and this is what she said:

“I was buzzing from it.  I learned that it’s all right to have some time for myself, something I rarely ever did.  The first thing I did was book a week’s holiday and went away with my husband for the first time ever!  I decided I wasn’t going to get stressed or anxious about work again.  As a health professional I have always felt responsible for fixing every problem, but after this course, I now think; “hang on a minute, no you don’t”; there are other people who also have responsibilities to fix things.”

“I hate doing role-plays, so the way this course was run – not using role plays, and Vicky’s enthusiasm and charisma was completely inspiring.  I don’t know if it was the time or the message that was right, or just the way it was delivered, but I learned something about myself and felt inspired by it.”

We asked Cathy if she could give us an example of what is different for her after the course, and she told us:

“Well, my default setting used to be always negative, but now I look at situations and say, I will do this and that for them, and I don’t think that I can solve everyone’s problems anymore.  I have given myself permission to achieve what is possible and I understand that it is in the realm of the person I am working with to actually take on my advice or make the changes they need to make.  If they don’t listen or take on my advice then I don’t blame myself for it anymore.”

Cathy told us that the non- judgemental way that Vicky delivered the course made her feel comfortable and enabled her to be open to it and act on it.  In fact, Cathy has asked us to deliver this course to her whole team, not just to improve their work life; but their home life and their personal development too, and we are very happy to do that for her.