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Philip – A Coaching Journey of Discovery…

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Last year we shared a case study with you about Philip, who worked in Manufacturing & engineering and through one-to-one coaching turned around not only his company vision, it also changed his family too!  You can read his story here – Philip – A Case Study of Discovery

Well, Philip has been in touch to share how he is going on and we are delighted to hear that not only has he qualified for automatic entry for the London marathon for the next two years (but) .. he has undertaken the biggest change of all and changed careers to one that is going to help with his work-life balance and also provide him with the work challenges he aspired to.

Our Coaching sessions helped Philip assess what he wanted to do, what he wanted to achieve and to put a plan into place to enable him to make the changes when the time was right for him.  To hear that everything has fallen in to place and he is happy to be embarking on a new challenge in his life is a reward in itself!

We wish Philip every success for the future.

Success means knowing when to ask for help?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016



A new year often prompts a time for reflection and questions.  Our lives are so busy, we become swamped in the everyday detail of stuff and it is all too easy to lose sight of what is important, how we want to lead our lives and to live in and enjoy the now.  So at the start of a new year we tend to decide to focus on the things we’ve been stalling on or putting off for a while…then we often lose our way or lose sight of those changes we’ve promised ourselves, resulting in feeling down and exasperated with ourselves.

So…..if you want to succeed or be successful at something…what stops you asking for the support and help you need to maximise your chances of success?

You are the expert on you and your field, and know the arenas you are required to master for success.  Your existing skills, knowledge and capabilities will be hidden without the ability to know when to ask for help and support to build and develop.  We are not all experts in everything so we ask for the relevant help i.e. mechanics for our cars, insurance brokers for our insurance, doctors for medical help…..So what stops you asking for help with your performance to succeed?

Our focus and expertise lie in maximising your ability to be successful… phone call will be the difference between the what if and the when.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”  Pablo Picasso

Call us now and find out how we will help you succeed on 07786 936625 or email


International Women’s Day Event – Empowering women in business

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

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Date : Tuesday 8th March 2016

Venue : Champney Springs, Gallows Lane, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 1TG

9.00am to 5.00pm (plus an evening offer until 10.00pm including a 3 course dinner – see ticket information)

Delphinus tmc are delighted to be speaking at this fabulous event which has been designed to offer businesses tips and inspiration to build their business and empowering women to succeed.


Book your place here

Out of My Comfort Zone…

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Delphinus tmc - Coaching Mentoring & Training, Leicestershire


So I’ve now experienced something which is so out of my comfort zone it was exhilarating, exciting, scary, nerve-racking and brilliant all at the same time!  Me on the cover of a magazine!


After much resistance I agreed to be on the cover of Niche magazine for September 2015 issue….Niche were excited as I was what they wanted and they supported what I do and what my business is all about.  The cover was to be representative of all of this and me! Mmmmmm


I was asked to send over some photos which I duly did…photos I had taken professionally so was quite pleased at what I was sending.  A very polite response came back that they liked the photos and they were not quite what they were looking for……so Niche were going to set up a photo shoot for me…..well what can I say at this point…there are things which happen in life and that we expect, this was not one of them!  I agreed.  Dates were set and venues suggested….and very gradually the time drew near.  I was introduced to Tom at Creative by Wren via email who asked me to arrive in my typical work clothes and makeup (possibly a little more than I usually wore).


Those of you who know me well will possibly be smiling as I was giggling….I am not someone who wears make up and my typical work attire is very dependent on my mood and context!! The by the way question from Tom was, does your foundation contain SPF? Brilliant…I know what SPF is ….I do not own any foundation though! On my response I was told there would be a make up artist at the shoot! The final part of the brief was what ever I wore, no stripes or patterns….wow this then reduced my wardrobe by two-thirds, what on earth was I going to wear.  After consultation I decided on linen and to take my skinnies with me in case I needed to change. Win win…..


I arrived at the theatre venue to meet Tom, Jess the make up artist and Jenny from Niche… And so started the roller coaster ….first a quick change into my skinnies and a beautiful borrowed black jacket….ok….I was sooo nervous, all of my insecurities raising themselves….and then as I was having my make up done, I realised …how exciting and what an opportunity.


Kate Winslet pose it was…. Having refined my outfit……I then lost my scarf… then my dangly earrings and then the sunnies off my head….the three things I have which are my look and signature…..and I was in full make up. I’m now firmly and fully out of my comfort zone!!!


Tom announced he was going to talk to me as he would a model…this as you might imagine broke the ice as I found this very funny…..and so I relaxed, listened and gave it my best shot (excuse the pun!) I was in safe hands with Tom, Jess and Jen who all are great at what they do and made the whole experience positive and fun!  We were there for an hour and half and I thoroughly enjoyed myself….I had some fabulous compliments and feedback and can honestly say….what a great way to spend a morning!


The proof I guess is in the cover…so I’m looking forward to seeing the end result in September which I will share with you.


Can you come out of your comfort zone today…

Niche Magazine Awards – Semi-Finalist 2015

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Semi Finalist - Niche Business Awards 2015


I am delighted to have been announced as a semi-finalist for the Niche Magazine Business Awards – Women in Business 2015.

Over the last few years, Delphinus tmc has gone from strength to strength, working with businesses and individuals across the UK providing Coaching, Mentoring & Training.  Our speaking engagements are also proving popular and I now look ahead to the finals in September.


We All Have Choices…

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

We all have choices…

At the start of the year I was shocked and saddened to hear the news a good friend and business contact had passed away suddenly. This set running a time for reflection and questions. Our lives are so busy, we become swamped in the everyday detail of stuff that it is all too easy to lose sight of what is important, how we want to lead our life and to live in and enjoy the now.

We are only here for a limited time and we all have the power to change how we see or behave to certain circumstances. During recent seminars I have used a slide which presents the figure 4,000 – when asked what this represents, there was little response until it was revealed that it is the average number so weeks we are on the planet…..the surprise and reaction was energetic! A further quote which resonates with me  is Steve Jobs “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

So….the great news is we all have choice!

For what purpose do we find ourselves in situations that cause us unhappiness or mixed emotions? No matter what events affect us, we have the choice in how we deal with the situation. If you are unhappy in your job, you have the choice to make the changes you want to see, seek work elsewhere or find a whole new career path. Of course there will be external factors and influences and you can still find options and make choices.

We all have feelings and emotions and we can be their behest or we can recognise them and choose how we then act and behave….. So what is stopping you making changes?

The simple answer is you!

You have the ability to make choices and often the concern of not rocking the boat, questioning situations mean… “Better then devil you know”… can allow circumstances to get us to a level of crisis.

How often have you wanted to pursue a night class in something you enjoy and brings you fulfilment, lose weight or get fit, start a new job or put yourself forward for a promotion and at the last minute find a number of excuses that stop you? We often put off making decisions so that we are not setting ourselves up to fail, look a fool, get hurt, face rejection or be out of our comfort zone… we protect ourselves from this and stay where we are.

Options and choices can be positive….

Firstly, if we notice we have options which provide choices then we can begin to see things differently. Ask yourself the following questions;

• What does the change look like?
• What will it feel like?
• What will it do for me?
• What am i aiming for?
• What’s my first small step towards…?
• How will I know I have succeeded?
• What can I do to recognise my successes?
• What is stopping me?

And lastly…be kind to yourself!

Whatever choices you want to make there is support to get you there and to be you brilliantly. Coaching can help you identify the sticking points in your life and put into place a way forward to make the choices you need for you.

So what choices will you make today…….

For further information please contact Vicky Bailey on 07786 936625.

How To Recognise & Manage Stress In The Workplace…

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

We are delighted to have our article “How to Recognise & Manage Stress In The Workplace” published in the latest issue of the Credit Management Journal.

Ignoring stress can lead to serious health issues. Coaching is a practical solution that works with you to identify the issues and supports you to manage and deal with it. As soon as you realise that stress is having an effect in your workplace, the easier it can be to resolve …

Have a read here – How to Recognise & Manage Stress in the Workplace

How to Recogise & Manage Stress in the Workplace - Delphinus tmc

New Year Resolutions – BBC Radio Nottingham 5th January 2015

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

New Year is a time for optimism and resolutions are made to help us change areas of our lives that we are not happy about. But are we putting too much pressure on ourselves? Vicky Bailey joined Mark Dennison on BBC Radio Nottingham to share tips on how we can all make resolutions and how we deal with them.

Listen to the full interview now –  Vicky Bailey, Dephinus tmc BBC Radio Nottingham Interview

BBC Nottingham Radio – Loose Ladies – I’m on the radio…

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

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On the 25th July I had the privilage of appearing on the BBC Nottingham radio segment called Loose Ladies with presenter Philip Chapman and Kate Allsopp .  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience  and thought you might like to hear what it was all about.

You can now listen in on the link below:

BBC Nottingham Loose Ladies 25/07/14 – Vicky Bailey, Delphinustmc

Would love to hear your thoughts….


Are You a Proactive Leader or a Reactive Leader? And which style is more effective in the workplace?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

We had a huge response from our last article on Taking responsibility, and some questions about different styles of leadership in the workplace, so this feature is all about how to tell whether you have an inherently proactive or reactive style, and is either of them better suited to a successful business environment?

In recent years there has been a real shift in businesses looking for their staff to have a more proactive approach to working.  Bosses have been taking a longer-term view on how they run their business and they now expect the same proactivity from their staff. The employees who have a naturally reactive style could then be potentially overlooked; so is this a good thing for our current business climate?

As individuals we all have the ability inside us to be both proactive and reactive, so could it just be a case of allowing ourselves to use both skill sets, and knowing when one would be better than the other?

So, what are the different styles?

First it is important to fully understand the characteristics of both styles:

Reactive: – being reactive means you have the ability to handle pressure that comes your way in real time. Reactive leaders are also renowned for wanting to solve problems on their own and take the responsibility for it on their own shoulders.

Other characteristics include quick thought processes which are logical and planned to turn tasks around in the here and now. Often known as “firefighting” There is very little long term planning or forward thinking involved.  Reactive thinkers find it easy to make snap decisions as this style does not lend itself to analysing what might be required sometime in the future.

A reactive style can be very stressful to live with, as it often means having to deal with a continuous string of problems. It can be quite difficult to motivate a team if they are all reactive employees.

On the positive benefit side, a reactive leader and workforce is exactly what you need to ensure the business can survives the short term issues and look forward to its future opportunities.

Proactive: This requires a different mind-set and skills, because when you don’t know what is round the corner; forward thinking and confidence is a necessity to figure out what needs to be achieved and then how to achieve it. By creating the groundwork, proactive people can run when others are just starting out because they have given themselves the time and space to analyse each decision.

A forward thinking approach can have its benefits, especially where motivating people are concerned.  It has been said that this style is very infectious as once one person is proactive, others want to follow.

The downside of this approach is that looking into the future can sometimes take your eyes off the here and now and in times of crisis, this would not be a good thing. As George Bernard Shaw once said:

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them. “

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950, Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics

So which characteristics are most beneficial to business?

In essence you need both!  A truly proactive person does not always have an eye on what is happening in the present.  They are constantly looking to the future.  This can be a very rewarding skill but the present needs to be handled correctly too…

It is important to be flexible in your working approach and often it is a balancing act.  If you can create a team with an equal mix of proactive & reactive members then you are sure to succeed.  Your team will be able to take action in the short term, and plan for the future.

Which style are you?

So, understanding the pros & cons, it is time for you to ask yourself which style you would say you are best suited to. Can you identify a style you naturally lean towards? It is also important to consider whether you are susceptible to change.  Can you honestly say you could bend to meet the needs of the business?

Our word of the day is: Ownership – you are the driving force for how you behave in the workplace.  Be confident in your skills set and make sure you can adapt to the changing nature of today’s business…

For further information on how Delphinus tmc can help your team win please contact Vicky Bailey on 01509 215872 or email