Are you being open & honest about Stress in the workplace?

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As this week sees the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, we thought we would take a look at stress ….in the workplace…at home… and the stories we tell ourselves as business owners, employers and employees alike, to shy away from open and honest dialogues regarding mental health and emotional wellbeing.

How often do you notice and check how you are feeling and managing the day to day? How honest are you with the answers. If we can be honest with ourselves, we can be more open to what we need.

How often do you tell yourself “I’m fine….there are people worse off….” when in reality you are not fine and could benefit from speaking to someone?  Through our work, we see many people from different walks of life.  Some find us because they are honest and recognise they need an injection of support and a sounding board and some may find us when they hit rock bottom or crisis.  There seems to be a stigma surrounding mental health and emotional wellbeing which needs breaking down – it is important that we all understand that seeking help is a strength and positive step towards knowing what we need be able to face our day to day life feeling great!

 STRESS – Is it in YOUR place of work?

Being under pressure is a normal part of life. It can be a useful drive that helps you take action, feel more energised and get results.  If you often become overwhelmed by stress, these feelings could start to be a problem.  Everyone handles stress differently so, business owners, managers, leaders and staff need to be aware of the signs colleagues and staff show when stress creeps in and is becoming difficult to cope with.

As reported by, Stress is closely linked to mental health in two important ways:

Stress can cause mental health problems, and make existing problems worse. For example, if you often struggle to manage feelings of stress, it can lead to us not functioning well, anxiety or depression.

Mental Health problems can cause stress. You might find coping with the day-to-day symptoms of mental health or emotional imbalance problematic, as well as potentially needing to manage medication, health care appointments or treatments, leading to extra sources of stress.

More and more people now work longer than 40 hours per week, and stress is becoming more prevalent across the UK and Europe.  New technology has evolved, and now that an average mobile phone also receives and sends work emails; the everyday use of technology on the move has played a part in the increase of stress levels.  A reduction in the traditional 9-to- 5 working day means that many employees are working evenings and weekends, and using their work mobiles to read and respond to emails; causing a negative  effect on their work-life balance.

How can you support balanced working for you and your colleagues and staff?

Thankfully, there are various ways to manage stress; and at Delphinus tmc, we are expert in identifying the challenging areas of your business; and developing the right tools and resilience strategies that will help to support you and your employees to overcome it.

Did you know that under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 you are required to conduct risk assessments for work-related stress? This is where Delphinus tmc can help.

Coaching to support and empower you to find balance and manage your emotional wellbeing in an  and optimal way can certainly be a valuable way to ensure that stress does not overtake and drive you or your staff, and as a result it puts you back in charge!

I recognise it, so what do I do now?

Well, ignoring it could lead to serious health issues for yourself, your colleagues or your team.  Coaching is a practical solution that works with you to identify the issues and supports you to manage and deal with it.  As soon as you realise that stress is having an effect, the easier it can be to resolve;

Coaching can take on many forms, meeting your needs and the needs of your colleagues and team. You are not on your own, and through coaching, you can develop the right tools and resilience to tackle stress head-on, and make the right changes for you.

For further information contact Vicky Bailey: or 07786 936625

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