About Us

Delphinus tmc are passionate about the development of people and firmly believe all people have the ability to be brilliant at whatever they do.

Behaviour can limit our ability to function, live, manage in the day to day.  We work towards ensuring we provide effective and efficient solutions enabling you to live free from your own limitations.

We work within business and successfully run our private clinic, providing coaching, training and psychotherapy.

Its All About YOU    

Our clients flourish through drawing out their signature strengths and increasing their knowledge about themselves.  We provide client lead solutions to emotional intelligence and resilience, behavioural management for a happier well balanced life, leading to you maximising your potential in business, school and home!

Our experience and creativity allow us to work flexibly and dynamically providing a professional, tailored solution for our clients. Our services focus on embedding change in practice and behaviour unlocking the true potential of executives, professionals, individuals and young people.

We work with

  • CEOs                                                                  
  • Charities                                           
  • Young People
  • Senior Managers                                            
  • Education                                         
  • Parents
  • Professionals                                                  
  • Business Owners

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Delphinus tmc and Agitare Ltd deliver SWOT UP ™ employee engagement, via a collaborative working partnership. SWOT UP ™ engages all employees to develop the business DNA and support cultural and organisational development and growth.