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With over 25 years’ experience, Vicky regularly works with some of the biggest and best known names across the sports and business arena.

Employed by Chief Executives, Senior Managers and elite athletes, who are under pressure to deliver results –whatever that means to them – she gives them the tools, confidence and support structure to embrace the challenges and make the changes that need to be made.

Unlike many coaches, her hands on experience in sports, project management and strategic business development, means that the work she does remains focussed on delivering the business outcomes rather than working as a stand alone project.

It starts from her simple belief that people have the ability to be deliver and thrive at whatever they want to do, the challenges are often very individual, and through focusing on emotional intelligence and resilience, self leadership and behavioural management the results with Vicky are outstanding.

“Vicky is, an exceptionally talented coach and has the knack of asking just the right question in just the right way to really make us think, or to flip perceptions around and help people to see things very differently.”

Her skills lie in supporting clients to flourish by drawing out their signature strengths. She provides client lead solutions for behaviour, emotional and cultural development to enable people to be at their best and succeed in today’s changing business environment.

Direct and challenging – Vicky gets the root of the issues and has the experience to work closely with clients to deliver solutions that breed confidence and an energy to make the changes.

Coach, trainer, speaker and psychotherapist. Energetic, knowledgeable and fun – with no fluffy stuff.

Take the first step – give me a call on 07786926625

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