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“Vicky is, an exceptionally talented coach and has the knack of asking just the right question in just the right way to really make us think, or to flip perceptions around and help people to see things very differently.


It’s a common story…

– Managing Directors that are brilliant behind closed doors and are left feeling lost when the pressure comes on

– an athlete hit PB’s in training then misses out at competition time

– a business owner is fantastic at delivering their offer and struggles and is overwhelmed on knowing how to run their business.

Pressure is a funny thing – whether you are an elite athlete, a senior business leader or a team within either.  Your ability to deliver a result is entirely dependent on your handling of the situation and very little to do with skill, training and preparation you put in.

And particularly in the workplace where the pressures are constantly changing.

The management role is more complicated and with more pressures than it has ever been.   Gone are the days when management was about running a business – it is now all about running a company – with all the “people challenges” board pressures and everything else that involves.

Tie that into increasingly competitive, challenging and uncertain markets and it is no wonder that people battle to deliver at the level they KNOW and have proved they can.

So what do you do about it?

Be pro-active.

We have to get away from the idea that coaching, training and self development is a reactive thing.

It’s a pretty much a universal truth that every high performing individual from sport to business looks for specific help on the challenges that are relevant to them.

We work with individuals from business, sport and entertainment – who are under pressure to deliver results –whatever that means to them – and we give them the tools, confidence and support structure to achieve.

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